Brewing Dandelion Tea for the health benefits

04/30/2016 19:28

The best way to Brew Dandelion Tea

To get the greatest health benefits , dandelion tea is ideally brewed as opposed to fermented . Fermentation is more than likely applied to black tea but almost never in dandelion tea . You will find two vital explanations why brewing is commonly used in dandelion tea .

Reason # 1 – Brewing doesn’t remove the vital nutrients , vitamins and elements that make up dandelion tea . However , fermentation wastes these elements leaving other beverages with nothing less than the notion that it could be tea and people can secure anything out of it .

Reason # 2 – Enrich flavor and aroma . Certainly , brewing carries an extremely alluring scent that can’t be found in fermented drinks .

In the event you desired to have a very good dandelion tea , brew it . Though , should you keep asking yourself the reason why you’re dandelion tea tastes a little peculiar when compared with other excellent tasting brewed dandelion tea , perhaps there’s something slightly incorrect with the way you make your tea .


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Brewing dandelion tea is very simple unlike what folks think . To find out on how exactly to brew the perfect tea , read the guidelines below .

Step 1 – Water

Selecting what type of water to make use of is an extremely vital element you need to pay attention to . Preferably , manufacturers would like brewing tea with soft mineral drinking water or natural water . In case you can’t find the money for buying bottled water on a daily basis , try taking into consideration tap water . At this point , you will recognize how tap tasteless water will be transformed into one comforting drink . In the event that you’re considering to utilize European bottled water , don’t . It’s due to the fact this sort of water are found to be hard water which is not ideal for brewing dandelion tea .

Step 2 – Chlorine-free

Chlorine should not be blended with the method . To remove it , simply set the water in the kettle for several hours before eventually boiling it .

Step 3 – Boiling technique

Determined by the amount of water you may have set is going to be the time it should boil . The more water , the more time it will need to boil . After you have noted that the water is now boiling , remove the lid of the kettle and permit it boil continually for a couple minutes longer .

Step 4 – Temperature

It can be asserted that right temperature of boiling water will be different on the type of tea you are planning to work with . This really is the time when extraction of polyphenols occur .

Step 5 – Steep

Allow your dandelion leaves steep for approximately three to five minutes .

I have discovered the added facts concerning brewing .

Tea leaves

Research reveals that it is far better to brew dandelion tea leaves which are smaller sized by reason of the rapid infusion . Selecting big leaves or ones which are tightly curved will surely have a lengthier infusion time .

Teabags or loose leaves ?

It really is even more recommended to make use of loose dandelion tea as compared to dandelion tea teabags . Loose tea allows polyphenols to naturally float inside a mug of dandelion tea rather than locking them inside a teabag .


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